couples counseling for stronger relationships

Are you and your partner navigating a conflict, working through your differences, or undergoing a difficult transition?  

Have you tried to talk things through but feel heated or shut down, caught in repeated patterns of disconnect, criticism and hurt?

Do you want to feel deeper intimacy and sense of connection?

Relationships are challenging, complex, and precious. It may seem maddening that the person you love is precisely the one you experience the most tension with.  Yet, this relational push and pull can be a gateway to some of the deepest lessons and greatest openings in our personal growth and development.

Whether you’re just beginning or have been together for a while, engaging in couples counseling helps to ensure greater ease, understanding and fulfillment in relating. 

As a couples therapist, I provide a compassionate and strong presence and my approach is influenced by EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), attachment theory, the Gottman Method, Generative Somatics and Formative Psychology.  I provide relationship therapy to people from all different backgrounds (including LGBTQ, POC, class variant) in various styles of relationship such as monogamy, open and polyamory.  I work best with individuals who are seeking something more than relationship tips or couples counseling worksheets and wish to explore their underlying dynamic for lasting change. 

I also offer premarital counseling to support individuals preparing for marriage and designing their wedding ceremony. 

Why Couples Counseling?

Couples therapy is a valuable investment to:

  • Explore your dynamic and make sustainable changes in your relationship
  • Build new communication tools, learning how to talk through difficult things
  • Cultivate empathy across differences in identities, preferences and needs
  • Learn to regulate your nervous systems to navigate conflict without creating more hurt/harm
  • Make new agreements in support of greater closeness
  • Deepen vitality and intimacy
  • Heal sexual abuse / trauma / repression, and the impact it may have in your relationship
  • End relationships consciously and respectfully
  • Prepare for union / marriage