What has prepared me to support you with anxiety, DEPRESSION, relationships and life transitions? 


Education & training: 

CA Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT #94795

MA in Counseling Psychology, CIIS

BA in Philosophy, Haverford College

RYT Yoga Teacher (10+ years)

UnTraining Phase I & II Certificate (examining white liberal racism)

My background as a Somatic Psychotherapist is heavily influenced by Yoga, Formative Psychology and Generative Somatics

Hello, I'm Jackie.

I am a CA Licensed Somatic Psychotherapist who works with individuals, couples and youth (ages 10+) from different backgrounds to explore what is holding them back so they can begin to engage with life in fulfilling ways.

I provide psychotherapy and counseling to individuals, couples and teens in my offices in San Francisco and Oakland working through anxiety and depression, difficult relationships and life transitions.  

Through early wonderings and wanderings, and the compassionate guidance of others, I realized that I enjoy deeply knowing the human experience.  My family moved around during my middle and high school years as I was forming my own identity.  I began to see how different environments and circumstances shape us --- or how we shape ourselves differently in varied environments. As a young person, I put pressure on myself to succeed while in academically-demanding schools and then wondered why I sometimes felt anxious, overwhelmed and down.  

When I pursued social work right out of college I abruptly discovered that I could not be in the role of “helper” without confronting and befriending my own privilege and pain.  Slowly, I began to attend to the pressures in my own mind and body by learning how to calm, ground and center myself through yoga.  I found that engaging in the practice of knowing myself more fully allows me to be more deeply present with others.  I studied Somatic (mind-body) Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies to further cultivate my embodied awareness, presence and influence.

In addition to my private practice, I have worked in several schools and social service non-profits, bringing the lens of the embodied self, nervous system regulation and multicultural awareness to adults and young people alike.  I am deeply inspired by the wisdom of our bodies and our capacity to adapt and evolve as human beings.  I am passionate about guiding people in coming back to themselves, and grateful to those who have supported my movement and freedom along the way.  I am honored to welcome you to the same healing process so that you may feel more ease and fulfillment in your life.


the VALUES of my practice:

LOVE - Accept and honor our humanness to create space for sustainable growth

TRUTH - Be curious and honest with what’s really going on beneath the surface to connect with authenticity and alignment

ENGAGEMENT - Re-learn the capacity to participate, shift and transform through the lived experience of your body