Arriving in the west from India, the ancient practice of yoga has a LOT to offer.  As a new or seasoned practitioner there are resources and tensions, strengths and patterns in your body and mind waiting to be discovered and consciously lived.  

Working together on the mat we support you in connecting and engaging with yourself to further your personal growth or development. When we really slow down and attend/attune to what’s happening inside, you reconnect to your sense of safety/home, vitality, aliveness and the prescious-ness of being you.

we explore how to:

  • Calm down anxiety or stress

  • Uplift depression or feeling down

  • Breathe to support your opening

  • Ground to fortify your sense of stability

  • Yield to expand your ability to allow, rather than tense or resist

  • Establish and engage boundaries to support your sense of self

  • Find your center and practice your ability to return to center

  • Align with your intentions

  • Sensitize yourself to the intricacies of being embodied

  • Find freedom and ease in movement

About Jackie on the Mat:

I have practiced yoga for over 13 years and have taught private yoga sessions for 7+ years to individuals, couples and small groups.  As a 200-hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher), I combine my yoga training with somatic psychotherapeutic modalities to help clients find freedom both on and off of the yoga mat.  I look forward to guiding you towards greater flow and ease in your life. 



“Jackie is sensitive to your physical and spiritual needs, as well as your goals. However, she also possesses one of the key skills of a strong teacher which is that she knows when and where to push you to your next, natural level. Learning how to lean into the discomfort in order to transform is the greatest gift I have had from doing yoga with Jackie. You will be inspired from working with her to continue developing your yoga practice. You are always welcome to go at your own pace, in your own time. After each session, your body will feel a notable improvement thanks to Jackie’s positive energy and talent.”

— Lorin J., Oakland

“I have enjoyed the luxury of private yoga classes with Jackie. Each time, I learned something new that gave me greater confidence in my practice. Jackie is highly attuned to her students’ individual strengths and capabilities – even when they may not be aware themselves.

It is a joy to practice with Jackie.”

– Kim A., Oakland

“My body is always grateful for yoga with Jackie. With just the right amount of gentleness to gracefully shift my newly awakened body from stiffness to suppleness, and just the right words, imagery, and sensitive adjustment to inspire it toward greater strength and length, Jackie offers a practice that leaves me feeling calm, centered, and blessed. Her welcoming smile and attentive nature convey her underlying serenity and solidity of presence. If you want to feel more at home in your body, Jackie is just the one to help you sink in, tidy up, and get comfy.”

– Kerri W., Berkeley